Shades of purple : PLUM CLAFOUTIS

If you’re not familiar with clafoutis, you’re in for a real treat! I think it may be best described as a baked custard dotted with fruit, traditionally made in a cast iron skillet. A sort of pancake-meets-flan type affair.

Fabulously versatile and very adaptable, this dessert can be made using whatever fruit is in season (except those with a high water content like watermelon and muskmelon). If you want to go the traditional route, use black cherries.

The amount of sugar you put in would largely depend on how sweet or tart you like your desserts, so make sure you taste the plums before you pour over the batter. I’ve replaced white sugar with light brown simply because I like the viscosity of the caramel when it melts down. The taste stays relatively the same, so feel free to stick with white.

The dusting of icing sugar over the top reminds me of the fast approaching festive season (yes, that’s the closest we get to snow in this part of the globe) Funnily enough, this pud is so nostalgic somehow that even the first time you try it, you’ll be transported right back to your mom’s kitchen..if your mom lives in the south of France that is. Continue reading