I always find comfort in a big bowl of soup. And one of this character and versatility is exactly what I’m talking about. Its subtle clear flavours and velvety smoothness are always so soothing and for the amount of effort that goes into it you’d be surprised. Speaking of which, I loved it cold too, straight out of the refrigerator!

I’m reiterating that you shouldn’t over’wilt’ the spinach lest you lose out on the vibrancy and saturated brightness of the soup. I was describing it to my mom over the phone the other day and described it as “the colour of hulk.” You know you want that.

I added a pinch of cumin, because, well, why not. I really liked the flavour of it delicately coming through and not overpowering the spinach. I usually serve this with a side of toasted garlic bread to dunk into. A few toasted croutons and a better swirl than the one I made would make this a perfect party appetizer too! I’d be a very happy guest if I were served that.

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I’ll be honest. This started off more as a mid-week fridge raid rather than something that was pre-planned and perfected on a plate. Having said that though, my usual fridge raids are seldom this fruitful. Most often, all I find are a few wilted vegetables that can only be salvaged by converting into breakfast smoothies, and eggs. We always have eggs. I’m the friendly neighbour you should turn to if ever you run out of them.

Fresh thyme, I buy whenever it’s available in the market, and freeze. I tried my hand at potting them, but no luck there. The rest of the ingredients for this recipe are pantry staples, and I always have a few cans of kidney beans languishing at the back of my shelf. I often use the dried beans if I remember to soak them the previous night, in which case I cook those separately until soft and add to the chili (you’d only need to use ¾th of a cup of dried beans, since they swell up and double in size once rehydrated).

I hadn’t made chili since college until about a year ago, when I randomly came across a Google ad from Tesco trying to sell me their chili spice mixes. I take it as a sign that this recipe was meant to come back into my life, but also more importantly, that I need to change my web browser. Continue reading

Enchanting Türkiye!

Hello everybody! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. But, I have a very legitimate reason this time..2 actually. I was travelling with a very dear friend of mine in Turkey (yes, I know right, how awesome is that!) AND my husband and I are finally moving into our very own place together. Our first ever home. I can’t help but get excited every time I say that out loud! And this time around, all I had to do was type and I have a beaming smile on my face right now!

Before my travels to Turkey, I had a very detailed plan about how I was going to take pictures of everything that I ate and vividly describe to you how it tasted. So much so, that the first day that I was in Istanbul by myself, I set out to the local market to capture the sights and smells of all the lovely Turkish street food that were on display. The first part of that plan worked out pretty well. I was staying at a cute little hotel in Avcilar, close to the airport and a little away from the main Taksim square (city centre) in Istanbul, so it was perfect to capture the more relaxed vibe of the place and the people.

The second part..The thing about taking pictures for me, is that I feel like I’m losing out on actually experiencing the moment aka you don’t know how hard it is to have a beautiful plate of food in front of you and to hold-off on tucking into it to take out your camera, focus on your plate, get the composition right..you get my drift. I think it’s pretty obvious by that comment that I wasn’t cut out to be a photographer for a living! I did manage to take a few (good ones) though, and I definitely intend to recreate some of the food that I ate my way through at some point, so please bear with me until then.

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