It’s the simple things in life that make us happy, and for me, food is definitely at the root of that. I’ve always had the luxury of delicious food; coming from a family of great cooks made sure of that, and even my years in boarding school were saved by the fact that they cared about our bellies as much as they did our brains.

All this came to a head when I was studying for my master’s degree in the UK, and had no access to home-cooked food. Eating out was an option for a little while, but combine that with a voracious appetite and it’s a recipe for serious trouble. So I decided that it would be better to mess up a few recipes of my own, and thankfully, it only took a few culinary fiascos before I discovered that the cooking gene had not skipped a generation in my family after all!

When I’m in the kitchen, I tend to rely on my intuition and by the feel of things as they strike me at the moment. As a result, I tend to tweak the recipes that I follow (some beyond recognition). But that’s the most fun part of cooking for me, as it allows me to escape the monotony of a regimented approach. I have, however, made sure to point out the changes in each of the recipes, so feel free to follow whichever one appeals to you more. Or better still, give it your own twist and do share your findings with me in the comments section!

All the photos on this blog are shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera (except the first few which were on a Samsung phone camera), and are photographed and styled by me unless stated otherwise. If you wish to use them for your needs, please ask and attach a link.

I live and work in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. If you have any food styling requirements, you can get in touch with me at kirthana88@gmail.com or leave a message on my Facebook page (Where soul food meets body) which is also listed on this blog.

– Kirthana Dorairaj


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