Sticky toffee pudding

I agree that this may not be the prettiest looking pudding out there, but I assure you that what it lacks in aesthetic appeal is more than compensated for in taste. Now that we are on this topic, I have a question – how on earth do you make something that’s sticky and gooey look good in a photograph without it looking like you’re the messiest eater on the planet? Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I took Martha Stewart’s recipe. And I tweaked it. I subbed the castor sugar for brown, reduced the quantity, and also found it enough to make just half the amount of toffee sauce that it called for. The brown sugar gives the pudding that extra caramel-y nuttiness, accentuated by the plump date bits that form its base. The toffee sauce ties it all together and makes it a foolproof lick-worthy pud. Delicious!

We had friends over for dinner this past weekend and I’d made Aubergine parmigiana but with beef instead, and this sticky toffee pudding for dessert. I made the pudding a good 8 hours earlier and after going completely berserk with the hole-poking on it, poured half the toffee sauce over to soak it all up. The rest was reserved for drizzling over and licking straight from the bowl. Had to be done. Continue reading


Gettin’ figgy with it : CARAMELIZED FIGS

Ok, first of all I have to say, making this is SO easy, I could probably make a dozen in the time that it takes to write this post. And once you’ve gotten the figs out of the way, all you need is ice cream, and you’re ready to serve up an elegant, healthy(ish) dessert!

You can serve these warm, or at room temperature; I obviously didn’t have the patience to wait for them to cool, and my husband and I chomped our way through them in record time!

I presume that these would taste equally satisfying with plain yogurt, freshly whipped cream and even just as they are, really. Continue reading